Early Bird Winners

The Early Bird draw took place last evening at Ascension Parish Hall in Parksville. A most grateful thank you to Brother Peter Horsfield and the Ascension Council 7991 for their hospitality.

The winners are now posted to the Charity Appeal web site www.vcn.bc.ca/kofcdraw

Congratulations to the winners and councils selling winning tickets.


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  • 225178

    • Where are the ticket numbers ? Early Bird and Final Draw ?

  • recato


  • Kathy Luknowsky

    I can’t seem to get a list of the numbers of the early bird draw. Is there a secret to getting into the website? Thanks Kathy Luknowsky

  • H>B>Egers

    Please send list of winners

    • February 1st ,2014 ticket number pls

  • ron

    ticket number for feb/ 1st/ 2014..

  • Wanda

    Where do I find the winning numbers???

  • Kay Keding

    Please submit the winners list

  • L. Hammett

    Well wadda ya know ? I found the numbers under “Archives – February 2014”

  • Elizabeth Nova C..

    I would like to get the winning number to the January 31st/2015 draw

  • Sean Nichols

    Sean Nichols
    Would like the list of the winners.

  • Sean Nichols
    Would like the list of the winners. Difficult to access this site

  • J.Williams

    please send me a list of the winners of the January 31 charity draw.

  • Charles

    Well WHERE ARE THEY ???????????????

  • tymenkooistra

    would like know who won all the good stuff

  • brent

    would like to know the list of winning numbers

  • L.D. Buck

    would like the list of winning numbers feb 11/15

  • Tim Payne

    Still looking for the names of the winners!

  • Tim Payne

    I did type a comment. I want to know the names of the winners.

  • ron bertram

    please send me a list of winning numbers for jan 31 prize draw 2915

  • ron bertram

    please send me a list of the winning numbers for the prize draw for jan 31 2015

  • Catharine Bushe

    Please send me the winning numbres for the draws on
    16 January 2016
    30 January 2016

  • sandra

    Need list of winners!
    January 30th draw.

  • Roy

    Does anyone ever look here

  • christian

    Any winners for draw?

    • does not seem like any of the folks doing the draw ever look here

  • christian

    Any winners ?

  • wayne schultz

    would like to check my tickets !!! if i could please have info on how to find the numbers ……thank you

  • Janet VanderHoek

    e-mail me the list of winners for Jan. 16 & Jan. 30 2016 draw

  • Debbie Deans

    Please send me list of winners for Jan 9, 2016 Early Bird Draw and Jan 30, 2016 Main Draw.

  • L. Ryder

    Please send entire list of winning numbers for
    BC KOC 54th annual charity appeal draw 2015/2016

  • Cindy

    Just wondering when the list will be updated , I’ve tryed calling the phone number listed and have looked at the site and nothings showing

  • Robert Wakefield

    Were is the kist of winners

  • Robyn Sward

    Hi could you send the list of winning numbers Robyn Sward rs.whitewolf.ca@gmail.com thanks

  • Mike holland

    Can I get early bird list of winning numbers Jan 14 2017 . Thank you.

  • Lorraine Kaiser

    Where are the list of winners?

  • Michelle

    Please send me a list of the winners for the Early bird draw…

  • where is the winners list, how many people does it take to get an answer?
    I for one will NEVER ever buy your tickets or support this ever again.!

  • Herman morsink

    can you please send me the winning numbers for the 55th annual BC knight of columbes

    Charity appeal draw 2016/2017

  • Bernie Schmidt

    Can you please post the final draw winning numbers on line for everyone to view. Thanks.
    I bought tickets. I would like to know who won.

    • I would like to get the winning num of 55th annual British Columbia knight of Columbus. The main draw was on February 4th 2017 at 8:00 pm. Thank you very much. Bill khakh

  • Chad
  • Vicent Ssemaganda

    Can you please send me the winning tickets to cross-check with my numbers? Thanks

  • Vicent Ssemaganda

    Waiting for winning tickets

  • Christina Ross

    it is now February 10th 2017 could I have a list of the winning numbers please…this is taking a while………………thank you

  • Chad


    You all can find the winning numbers at the above address.

  • sharon

    sharon wakefield were do i find winners

  • Justin osbourne

    What the number

  • Jan&Feb Winners 2017 weer do i find the them.

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  • John

    so was this a scam or what

  • Rick Kamensek

    list of winners pl

  • who won ?

  • Did I Win : )

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  • s guthrie

    winning charity appeal draw 2017-18
    my # 2435827 2435826

  • s guthrie

    winning raffal 2017-18

  • Dorothy werklund

    Where is the 2019 – 2020 winners list

    • Where is the 2019-2020 winners list
      Early bird draw. Jan 18, 2020
      Main draw Feb. 1,2020

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