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Updated October 9th

Fellow Knights,

Just an update.

The turkeys for the Sisters of Charity are taken care of. Terry Duggan’s son will deliver the to the Sisters on Wed. AM. Thanks to those who offered to help.

That leaves the Ford Demos on Saturday Oct. 15th. We have been asked to provide a Knight to help with the sign ins from 9:00am to approx. 3:00pm. I have one volunteer so far. Normally we would be doing a BBQ for the walkathon, but this year that will not be required. I know that many of you would come out to help with that so consider sitting at a booth compared to cleaning chicken. Doesn’t sound so bad does it. If we have enough people we would only need maybe one or two hours each, then go for a test drive.



Updated October 8th

Hello Fellow Knights,

It seems that the good Sister have enough help on the upcoming Tues and Wed AMs. However if someone would volunteer to take down the turkey on Tues AM, it will save me a job.



Original message October 7th:

Fellow Knights,

The opportunities to serve and do good works is coming fast and furious. Just to bring you up to date on what is being asked of us Knights in the next couple of weeks:

– We were contacted by the Sisters of Charity in the DTES to see if we could assist in their Thanksgiving meal they intent to put on Oct. 12th. Sister was looking for people to prepare some turkeys at home plus help with the stuffing on Tues Oct. 11th AM and prepare and help serve on Wed. 12th AM. I have committed on behalf of the Knights to purchasing 8 turkeys. The Ladies Auxiliary has agreed to cook the 8 said turkeys, cut them up and prepare the gravy. This is were we come in. Some of the ladies have agreed to help out downtown if needed (we could help as well). They would need transportation to and fro on the Tues. (9:00 to 12:00) and Wed.(8:00 – 12:00). This is tentative at the moment as I am confirming the need for our help here. If you could drive these ladies if need be, please let me know.

– We are selling Charity Appeal tickets after all Masses this weekend. Please help out at the back of the Church if needed, especially on Sat. evening at 7:00 and at 12:00 Mass on Sunday

– The fundraising committee has a special event on the weekend of 15th/16th. to coincide with the Book Sale. The event is Ford Canada supplying 5 new vehicle for test drives out of the school parking lot. For every test drive Ford will pay $20.00 to St. Michaels, up to $6000.00. We Knights have been asked to help out at the booth that will be set up to facilitate the test drives (and do some test drives if we are so inclined). It would be an all day thing for the 2 days. We could break it up according to the number of volunteers. Again, please let me know ASAP.

I know these things have been sprung on us, but these are worthy projects.




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