Busy Weekend

Fellow Knights,

As this is a very busy weekend I am encouraging “ALL” Council members who are able to come out and help.

Tomorrow (Sat.) at 10:00 am we will start by setting up for the Breakfast on Sunday. This will include setting up the stage, setting up and decorating the Christmas trees, setup all the tables we can fit in the remaining space, setup for our Christmas Pot-luck dinner, place lights around the Grotto and put up the “Keep Christ in Christmas” sign. If there was ever an example of “many hands make work lighter” this is it. If we have a good turnout we can knock it off in a reasonable time. Remember that young people are a great help in the decorating.

On Sunday our most urgent needs for manpower are the serving of breakfast for the 8:30 & 10:00 sittings. There are usually people in the gym from the whole time starting after the 8:30 Mass until the 10:00 sitting is finished. If you help out with the 8:30 sitting please be prepared to help up to the 10:00 Mass if that is the one you are attending. One thing not to forget is that the whole thing has to be taken down and put away, which takes considerable time. Let’s not just leave it to a few.

I look forward to a good turn-out.




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