The Urgency of Buying Long Term Care Insurance

There are very few people who do not have a “long term care experience” somewhere in their family – a loved one in a nursing home facility, or a family member being cared for at home because of advancing age, a disability or both. If you have heard or undergone this situation, you know firsthand the catastrophic effects these events can have on a family, crossing all generations.

What you may not know about is the urgency of taking action. The ability to buy long-term care insurance is based on your health. Putting the decision off, “waiting until next year” or otherwise dragging your feet can be problematic. You never know when your health could change or make you ineligible for coverage. In addition, the required premium commitment increases every year with your age.

When you make the decision to talk about LTC, come right to the Knights of Columbus. In addition to providing life insurance, disability income insurance and guaranteed retirement products to our members and their families, we also have a very competitive long-term care product. Since entering this market in 2000, nearly 30,000 LTC policies have been sold to K of C members and their wives. While some companies in this line of business have had difficulty (or stopped selling the product altogether), our product continues to perform well with no premium increases on existing policies.

I can help you select the plan that’s right for you and meets your budget. I can show you several different options – facility only coverage, home care, a combination of both. I urge you to not delay.

I’m at 778-837-2317 or Call me – let’s talk.




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