Church Director’s Message – March 2012

My Fellow Brother Knights:

I really do believe that Satan exists and is the author of all temptations. I also believe you
just have to acknowledge the bad in your life to appreciate the good.

Let me try to explain.

One way of honoring; praising and glorifying God is to acknowledge His existence. For me,
that is a daily journey! I am always looking for signs of His existence in my life. Not that I
doubt, no no; rather, it is a fulfilling of a yearning to be with Him. That, I believe is the work
of the Holy Spirit.

Now the devil doesn’t really like it that I desire to be with Jesus rather than with him. And,
the devil knows my weaknesses. To win me over and redirect my desire to be with him
rather than God; he dresses up all my weaknesses and presents them to me in a manner
that is very pleasurable…………….called temptation.

Sometimes the devil wins. I can tell when what I am doing in response to the temptation
doesn’t feel right in what I believe.

But most times the devil loses. Why? What is it that holds me back from acting on my
urges? For there is nothing that I have consciously done; I just do not act. It is because God
is right there with me………..helping me………loving me!

Some would believe it’s a conditioned response of not acting on my temptations. Let me tell
you, the devil can get around all that I do to prepare myself for his intrusions in my life. He is
pretty crafty in his presentations of my weaknesses.

Whenever I resist an urge………I begin looking around, with a smile………..for Jesus;
wishing I could just reach out and put my arm around His shoulder.

Can’t do that; so, this Lent I will continually remind myself that knowing the devil and evil
exists in my life only makes me more aware of God’s presence and goodness.

Join me!

Brother Dallas

Church Director BC and Yukon.




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