August 2012 Meditation – Jesus Christ, The Only Son of God

Worthy Grand Knights:

As I write this; I am sitting at my dining room table. When I pause for a correct word, or as in my case, the correct spelling of a word; my eyes wander to the window. My view is breath-taking. Low range mountains covered with green sage and coniferous trees. Shimmering shadows from the sun’s heat rays accentuated by the shallow valleys and crevices of the mountain. Flowers and fruit trees bursting with pride and invitation to smell, touch and eat.

I thank our Creator for such a warm feeling and wonder: how many billions of souls over time have had such a feeling? It is difficult not to be in awe at moments like this. A few moments spent in soulful meditation is so cleansing!

As you gather this month to begin a new Fraternal Year; I am pleased to provide our August 2012 Meditation – Jesus Christ, The Only Son of God as a source of soulful reflection for my fellow Brother Knights. May you experience a sense of wonder and awe for having done so!


Church Director BC and Yukon.

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