Charity Appeal: Request for Help

Hello Knights,

Kristine and I are the parent liaisons for the school this year. Kristine and her husband Derek are Grade 1 parents at St. Michael’s. They have graciously agreed to help us with our charity appeal. We have a lot to build on because as you know, the school sold the winning ticket to the truck last year.

Kristine and Derek are learning the ropes but I am sure everyone will helpful.

We have dates coming up at Coquitlam Centre from October 15 to October 21. We are going to do our best to fill out the spaces with school parents first. We are counting on you knights to help fill out the remaining vacant ones. As you are aware the 2pm-6pm slots are harder to assign.

Anyway, we are aware that most of you work weekdays but can help on weekends. It would greatly benefit Kristine and I if we have an updated list of availability from all of you. Even if each knight were to at least sign up with one 4 hour slot, that would be a an enormous help.

Further, we are having problems finding someone to sell tickets on Halloween eve 6pm-9pm (on another mall schedule). If we fail to find somebody, we’ll just shut down early.

We hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

Carisa and Kristine

PS If you haven’t signed out your ticket booklet yet to sell to family and friends, Gary has a whole bunch. J


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