Request for Help: Pancake Breakfast with St Nick

Hello everyone,

I thank those that have replied to my first email looking for help with our special event.
It turns out that we should have about a dozen people for the set up on Saturday which is a good turn out for all the work that we have to do.

The sad thing is the numbers are not so great for working at the breakfast, about 7 people have committed which is by far not enough.

I am afraid that those that have said would be there will only be there for part of the day.
As per normal we have had different people for morning and late settings.

If you can imagine the work involved in setting up it will take as much work to dismantle the stage, decorations, and serve the meals with resetting tables.

Those that have not responded please consider or reconsider your availability to volunteer your help for a wonderful cause.

Please let me know soon as I hope that I do not have to start phoning people, thanks.

Bruce McLean




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