Church Director Message for June 2013

My Fellow Brother Knights:

The one desire that lingers with us our whole lifetime and never seems to get fully satisfied is acceptance.

Our desire is presented to us in many forms.

We walk into a room full of people; and no one pays any attention to us.

We volunteer to do a “good action” and the position has already been filled.

We listen to a talk on our individual uniqueness and haven’t a clue what ours is.

We smile at a stranger………….they look away.

We do something really, really well……..start beating our chests…….and someone else does it better.

We join a group of people; listen to their banter, offer an opinion and the room goes silent.

Eventually we take the safe and comfortable road in life. We hang out with those who acknowledge our presence among them. Those with whom we feel accepted.

Can you imagine how a newly initiated First Degree member feels at his first regular Council meeting? How does a new transfer into our Council feel for the first time? Then there is the Brother Knight who volunteers for a project, but all the jobs are “spoken” for.

If we have taken the safe and comfortable road and feel fully accepted by those with whom we hang out with…………our role as fellow Brother Knights has just begun.

We are now in a position to reach out and welcome those who are new to us. To make the effort and leave our “band of brothers” and approach the stranger among us with out-stretched hands.

I have done this many times. For an instant, looking him in the eye, I see the face of Christ.

What a wonderful and exciting feeling!

I invite you to try it and enjoy the moment!

Brother Dallas
Church Director, BC and Yukon.




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