Charity Appeal Early Bird Draw

Just a reminder that all Tickets sold or unsold must be returned to Brian Ennis 604 526 9360 or Michael de Faria-Neves 604 526 0178 no later than this Sunday Jan. 26th. They can also be dropped off at the sacristy when you attend Mass this weekend. The Council has to pay for all tickets not returned to the draw. So please reimburse the Council for all tickets that you cannot return.

Your co-operation is greatly appreciated
Thanks and God Bless
Michael de Faria Neves

These are the results of the Early Bird draw last Saturday . Unfortunately we had no winners. Hopefully we can pull off a hat trick with a Winner of one of the Main Draw prizes for a 3rd year running

Early Bird Draw To Be Held
18 January 2014
in Vancouver, B. C.
St. Francis Xavier Parish Hall
438 Great Northern Way
8:00 pm

Sales cut off for Early Bird drawing: 11 January, 2014

(unofficial list of winners)

Prize Name Ticket # City Selling Council
12th Prize $1,000.00 Frank Dawson 667445 New Aiyansh 5149
11th Prize $1,000.00 Ann-Marie & Dave Longhurst 758162 Coquitlam 5540
10th Prize $1,000.00 Dave Trenholm 657027 Prince George 8318
9th Prize $1,000.00 Debbie Cockell 617235 Kamloops 9508
8th Prize $1,000.00 Edgar Gueco 790218 Vancouver 9479
7th Prize $1,000.00 Andrew Taylor 543096 Victoria 9703
6th Prize $1,000.00 Reynald Herman 621297 Kamloops 9508
5th Prize $1,000.00 Steven Keenan 862932 Vancouver 4615
4th Prize $1,000.00 Rick Chan 643751 Nelson 1560
3rd Prize $1,500.00 Leon Carifelle 619520 Kamloops 9508
2nd Prize $2,000.00 Gilberte Henri 543186 Sidney 9703
1st Prize $5,000.00 Morris Hill 553030 Comox 4597

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  • Wanda

    main draw February 1, 2014

    • main draw February 1, 2014

      • Ugh. This is me for the last year – bingeing and gaining and being generally miesrable, but now I can tell that I am coming out on the other side, wiser and more patient with myself. It’s still hard some days (most days), but the easier days are coming more often. And I thank God for that.

  • Cher

    When will the results of the main draw be posted?

  • Carol Cunningham

    Please post the winners list. Much appreciated, thank-you……..If you are not going to post them, please email them to me……………

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