St Michael’s School Needs Your Help!

Dear Knights & St. Michael’s parishioners:

St Michael’s School Needs Your Help!

St Micheal’s School is installing a new playground in the school playground on April 18th. This installation is a one day install and will be a Supervised Community Installation so the more volunteers who participate, the faster the new playground will be ready for use. All the school kids are very exited and counting on the volunteers to build their playground that day! We are asking volunteers to sign-up for the the installation of the new playground. Here are the dates and times 

Friday 17th
@ 3:30 pm
6 Volunteers
Sat. 18th
from 8:00 am
to 6:00 pm
30 Volunteers
Sun. 19th from 8:00 am
until work is done
30 Volunteers (if needed)

If you are available to help, please contact Michele Abi-Saad at “” or (778) 869-7576. Friends, cousins and extended family are welcome to help; participation hours will be given!

We are also in great need of tools (full list attached); if you have any of these tools and can lend them to the school for this one day (even if you are personally unable to volunteer) we would really appreciate it. 

This project’s success can’t be possible without your help; so please volunteer!

Thank you,

Michele Abi-Saad

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